Thanks for visiting this page! For those unaware, DeepVocal is a free vocal synthesis program created by "boxstar." Users are able to create their own synthesized voices for DeepVocal.

Pinku is a full, solid and bright young male vocalist who utilizes DeepVocal. For some history, Pinku was a character I created back in 2012 as a little joke to myself. I was testing a new microphone and recording a test VCV UTAU voicebank, and 7 years later I have stuck to the same character. Since then, Pinku has been through the wringer with design changes and different voices. Pinku is going to be used with DeepVocal + UTAU.

art: catticoon

Here's some general information about Pinku as a character:

Age: 22+ | Height: 5'8"/173cm | Weight: 230lbs/104kg | Species: 1/2 Monster 1/2 Human | Nationality: American

Languages: English 【★★★】Japanese 【★★☆】Chinese 【★☆☆】German: 【★☆☆】

Pinku_CHN_lite     | Range: C3-C4 | Tempo: 100+ |

Pinku_CHN_lite is a 1 pitch, simple Mandarin voicebank running on DeepVocal. This voicebank was mostly done to test, but the tone is very solid and provides (albeit accented) bright, young, and slightly powerful Mandarin vocals. 

DOWNLOAD  baidu pass: xi7v


size: 315MB, 242MB dl is (c) to Tyler Koziol