Bones is a FREE bilingual vocal library for the program "Alter/Ego."

*** Download "Bones" AND "Alter/Ego 1.505." For him to work correctly, Alter/Ego needs to be updated to v1.505!

Technical Information

Raw File Size: 235MB

Recommended Ram: 4GB (Enough to run a 32-bit DAW)

Current Version: 1.0.0

File Size of English DB: 198MB

File Size of Japanese DB: 61MB

Talker uses the English DB

Recorded with: Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Design and Illustration: tora-ouji

Initial Release Date: October 31st, 2016

English Phonetic Table

*: While the engine registers them as Vowel-Consonant, they technically work as vowel diphthongs, representing "@`" or "3".

**: Similar to the last, "r\" works as a Semivowel & an Approximant.

***: Will not be added to words by default, must be edited in with X-Sampa phoneme editing.

Japanese Phonetic Table

*: Do not function as a stand-alone consonants, instead they are used to create the Affricates "dz" and "dZ".

Voice Samples
Other Materials! is (c) to Tyler Koziol